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Create A Block Class Set-Block Folding Instructional Video
Instructional video on how to fold our exclusive "Create A Block Class Set". Use them in the classroom to incorporate STEAM, community building and teamwork while allowing each student to express their own creative flare and personality. Item: CP-627
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Constructive Playthings
Constructive Playthings is a family owned business that specializes in teachers' supplies, classroom materials, learning toys, playground equipment and more. We have been around for over sixty years and know how important early childhood development can be. Classroom supplies such as manipulatives help students develop problem solving skills and muscle coordination, which can be used throughout their educational careers. Children who learn these skills early will be better adept to function in kindergarten and above at higher levels.
Просмотров: 656 Constructive Playthings
Measure and Match
Choose a wooden animal to place on the measuring scene and move the arrows to show the number of footprints in height and width. Count that number and find the puzzle piece with those same footprint numbers and match it to the animal. Great for teaching non-standard measurement. Includes 14 animals, 14 two pc. puzzles, 2 dice, sand timer, and game instructions. All stores in the drawer of the wooden base. Ages 4 yrs. +. 46 pc. Set. http://www.constructiveplaythings.com/measure-and-match
Просмотров: 287 Constructive Playthings
Gears & Puzzles
This cause and effect piece involves putting puzzle pieces together and then building a set of gears on top of the assembled puzzle. Problem-solve moving the pieces to turn the handle and manipulate all the gears. Made of recyclable materials. 24 pc. Set. Ages 2 yrs. +. Recyclable materials included in the product Assemble the puzzle pieces Arrange the gears to function Ages 2 yrs. + http://www.constructiveplaythings.com/gears-puzzles
Просмотров: 120 Constructive Playthings
Counting Animals
All wooden counting game with 4 wooden boards, 2 sets of 1 - 10 wooden number cards, and 2 sets of 1-10 wooden value cards. Count the animals and match the numeral or value card to each row. All stores in a wooden box with clear acrylic sliding lid. 45 pc. Set. Ages 3 yrs. +. Made of wood Storage box for all pieces Match using dots or numbers Darling illustrations Ages 3 yrs. + Buy this and other educational supplies at http://www.constructiveplaythings.com/counting-animals
Просмотров: 109 Constructive Playthings
Magnetic Building Set
An entire building set of wooden magnetic pieces including cubes, planks, columns, and wheels in natural jungle colors. Cubes are 1" sq. 46 pc. Set. Ages 3 yrs. +. http://www.constructiveplaythings.com/wooden-magnetic-building-set
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Happy Holidays from US Toy, CP Toys, Constructive Playthings
Happy Holidays from US Toy, CP Toys, Constructive Playthings
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First Tools of Discovery
An exclusive product introduction given by Julie Spencer, Constructive Playthings Director of Early Childhood Resources. The First Tools of Discovery is a product designed to include multiple activities from basic cognitive skills to color matching. This products and similar learning tools are available at www.ConstructivePlaythings.com
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